5 Linkbuilding tips for SEO-position yourself

5 Linkbuilding tips for SEO-position yourself Mars664

5 Linkbuilding tips for SEO-position yourself


Linkbuilding (literally link building) has been, and continues to be, very important to give value to your website. It is a strategy for optimizing the internal and external links of a web page, with the aim of obtaining good positioning in search engines. This strategy consists of getting important websites that may be related to your page to include links to your website, using optimal keywords.

Link building is a very good way to achieve better positioning in search engines, because your page gets a vote every time another site links to you, offering you more visibility in search engines. Doing it well requires a good strategy and takes a lot of time and research.

Last April, Google implemented a robot called Google Penguin. This detects low-quality links on pages with backlinks of dubious reputation, over-optimized pages (that is, with too many links) and 'Black hat' techniques (search engine manipulation).

Below I detail some simple tips so that you can do good Linkbuilding:

1. – Create natural links to your page by guest posting content on other pages or inviting other people to post on yours. The best way is to choose pages that have more traffic than yours.

2. – Choose a text for your Anchor Tekst (the text you put in the link) that is original and not repeated.

3. – Publish very interesting content such as videos, blog posts, infographics or presentations so that you encourage other people to link to your pages, that is, what we call Link Bait.

4. – Observe the link strategies of the competition. Use tools such as Open Site Explorer to do this. With it you obtain information about the links, the Anchor and the authority where each link is located.