5 Reasons to Do Mobile SEO Even though Ads Are Everywhere

5 Reasons to Do Mobile SEO Even though Ads Are Everywhere pixelwork

5 Reasons to Do Mobile SEO Even though Ads Are Everywhere

Undoubtedly, the paid mobile search has grown. But if you're thinking about cutting your organic mobile search budget, writer Bryson Meunier urges you to reconsider and focus on increasing your overall traffic.

“Look,” your boss says, directing your attention to the Google search results on his iPhone. She just searched for life insurance quotes, and the organic results are nowhere to be found. In fact, she has to scroll down past the third ad before she gets to the first organic result.


“Why should we still pay attention to organic search on mobile when Google only shows ads?”, Says. “I just read a report from a prominent agency that says that organic search visits were down 7% year over year in the first quarter of the year, the increase in mobile results monetization is pushing more traffic to paid ads , and mobile traffic share has been flat for organic search in the last year. “We are going to put the budget on paid results.”

If you are interested in growing your total traffic, you should resist that suggestion.

While it's true that organic visits are down overall, according to recent reports, there are plenty of reasons why you should continue to do so. Mobile seo in 2016. Here are five of them.

1.- The first mobile organic result still receives 73% more clicks than the first and second paid results combined.

The first three points I'm going to mention come from research conducted last month by mediative, a digital marketing agency based in Montreal and author of the golden triangle study. His whitepaper called “How do consumers search on Google from a mobile device?” Definitely worth downloading (registration required) if you're interested in solid research on mobile search behavior.

And the bombshell of this report is that most mobile clicks go to organic search results. The vast majority of researchers only see paid results, but others go further to see organic results.

In fact, when analyzed, The top 2 organic results get 73% more clicks than the top two paid ads combined.

And the top organic results receive more than twice as many clicks as the top sponsored listing.

The study also confirms that users click on organic results less when paid ads are present and that they are present more on mobile than desktop. However, this doesn't mean that paid search is the primary traffic driver on mobile. It's just stronger than it used to be.

If you can only do one, you usually get the most mobile traffic from organic search. However, you get more traffic when you do both paid and organic.

2.- Most people click on the first 4 organic ads on mobile, even more than on desktop.

Another interesting thing about the mediative study is that they compared traffic from top ads on mobile to desktop and found that on mobile search engines users are much less likely to click past the #4 organic result – probably because they have to make an extra effort to move. In fact, and92% of page clicks go to the top four results on mobile, compared to 84% on desktop.

What this means is that it is more important than ever to rank in the top four organic results if you want to get more search traffic from Google. On page two, you are still invisible to search engines, but even more so on mobile than desktop: 0,25% of mobile users go to the next page, compared to one percent on desktop.

3.- Organic search is more effective than paid search in bringing non-branded traffic from mobile.

Merkle has made a graph in its digital marketing report showing that paid search surpasses organic search in mobile visits in the United States for its clients:

This and other trends do not bode well for organic search, causing Merkle to conclude that the culprit is “a consequence of Google's increased monetization of the mobile search engine results page (SERP). ) and changes that Google made in late 2015 to the presentation of its local map results package.

While this may be the case, it could also be because your customers are bidding on general keywords, have increased their spending on paid search over a year, or both. It's not necessarily something that should make seasoned SEO marketers panic, especially for the type of traffic that typically comes from paid search.

One reason is that the paid search traffic in Mediative's study was mostly branded, with only 8% of clicks from queries that didn't use branded words filled paid results, compared to 56%. percent of organic searches “for “non-branded” terms.

Branded and non-branded queries are part of the marketing funnel, and each can be valuable in their own way. However, queries that do not mention brands are historically more competitive because they are relevant to multiple brands and They represent a potential customer who is not yet completely loyal to the brand.

And the biggest driver of these types of consultations, according to the report? Mobile organic search results. Take away mobile SEO, and watch that valuable traffic source decline even more than it already is.

4.- Mobile SEO is more than 10 blue links on a search results page.

Mediative's study was largely about search results pages, but mobile SEOs can optimize their apps for app store search engines and results AMP also. Not to mention structured data, local business directories, and snippet optimization, which can often help more on mobile than desktop.

5.- Mobile SEO works.

Unlike the agencies that conduct these studies of this type, I am not trying to persuade you hope of getting your business in the first place. I'm just trying, like you, to put things into perspective. In my career, I have seen too many bad strategic decisions that were based on one data point without considering all the data points involved.

The final point to keep in mind is that mobile SEO is effective. As I mentioned before, one reader was able to increase smartphone traffic by 84 percent after Google's mobile update simply by resolving mobile bugs.

Paid search can be effective too, and I believe a great digital marketing campaign includes both paid search and SEO. But if you're thinking about reducing your organic mobile search budget because paid mobile search has grown, please keep these five points in mind before making a decision.


Source: Search Engine Land