6 Tips to Make your content digestible to your audience and have more reach

6 Tips to Make your content digestible to your audience and have more reach pixelwork

6 Tips to Make your content digestible to your audience and have more reach

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There have been numerous articles on the writing of digital content marketing that help increase conversions. However, less attention is given to “post-publication” scenarios as well as whether the content reaches the target audience segment and how well it is consumed.

Although almost everyone in the marketing world knows that distribution is the most important part of a content marketing strategy, most of them fail to implement a strong distribution plan.

It is vital to have a effective distribution model in the same way that it is important to have epic content. This is the way to attract more customers.

Therefore, here I present some distribution strategies to make digestible content and make it reach the right places.

Optimize content for search engines

seo-optimized-contentThis is the most crucial step. About one third of the traffic a website receives comes from search engines. The principles of White-hat and the SEO They have to be applied to all content. Identify your audience, what are they looking for, what terms are they using to get answers?

These are the data you should be pre-equipped with. Of course you could extend your reach by crafting attractive titles, taking care of SEO on-page and by building a portfolio of links. However, you will have better reach when your content conforms to best practices.

On top of that, content should be created keeping mobile devices in mind. The better the user experience, the more likely customers are to stay on your site and get the message.

Focus your efforts based on your audience segmentation

Use your research to personalize your messages to your ideal customers. Are you adapting to the distribution? This approach is successful in terms of achieving better results. The Existing customers can get exclusive information, such as an upcoming launch, and new customers could receive content that will lead them directly to purchasing your product or service.

Personalize messages based on demographics as they get more attention and convince the right segment of people to take action. The more relevant they find your content, the more effective it will be.

Develop relationships with advertising brands and other sites

magisterok1Journalism uses good writing techniques and storytelling in order to create high-quality marketing messages.

When readers find your well-written content in publications and websites, they start to respect you and they will learn more about your brand and begin to trust your expertise in your own niche. In order to build relationships, you could try writing guest posts for other niches or industries.

To develop relationships with other authority sites, write guest posts with a clear and relevant focus for related sites in that niche. These websites might have a collaboration policy, or policies for reviewing documents before publishing them.

Persistent and strong writing is necessary on websites that allow contributors to have a column, however, these types of websites have a more specific, engaged and broader audience, as well as being more authentic.

As well you can have contact with journalists and bloggers, in the hopes that they will link to your content in their own articles. Sharing some research or creating an infographic for a topic they could write about is a good example.

Pay to distribute your article

Paid distribution could work in various formats, including storytelling, videos, infographics, and more. Outbrain is one of the tools that allows you to obtain content from the main platforms as “suggested articles” that will appear at the end of a site's content.

Sponsored posts and status updates have been gaining more popularity lately. These are basically ads that allow you to take advantage of extensive data that websites and social networks collect.

Share your article in relevant communities

communitieswebYour content will gain audiences where it is most likely to be read. Therefore share your content with relevant communities where interested people will read it, and voluntarily share among their own circles when they like your content.

For example, if you're writing articles about inbound marketing, you're more likely to gravitate toward inbound.org, bizsugar.com, and other inbound marketing-related sites in order to promote your content.

Contact influential people in your niche

The concept is quite simple. It is necessary to create content that is leading personalities in your niche. are potentially more interested. Think about what you are going to achieve by reaching out to influencers in your niche.

services-chapterOnce you have made contact with important people in your niche, strengthens the relationship by sharing content through various channels and commenting on their blog articles, and also on their social networks. Focus on construction and maintenance of relationships instead of forgetting them after just one interaction.

A successful content strategy undoubtedly begins with publishing exceptional content. Strategic content distribution is the key to a positive ROI. The impact can be measured through various indicators, however it is recommended to start with Google Analytics.

Your distribution capabilities could be expanded by building relationships with the media, understanding your audience, and humanizing your site.