8 Bitter Truths of SEO

8 Bitter Truths of SEO pixelwork

8 Bitter Truths of SEO

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It is a difficult job for SEO agencies, internal teams, and other industry professionals Positioning in search engines. There are times when they are given a limited budget and deadline and asked to improve organic search results very quickly.

To top this off, Google is constantly evolving its search algorithm and competitors are appearing in search results. It is good to say that managing customer expectations in such an unpredictable environment is becoming increasingly difficult.

In recent years, the panorama SEO has changed with Google's continued effort to provide relevance in search results. The importance of SEO in digital marketing has been and will continue to be very important.

94 percent of the more than 1 billion searchers prefer to click on organic search results rather than paid ones. Patience will play a very important role for all marketers investing in SEO for the long term.

here I present to you 8 Bitter Truths of SEO based on the understanding we have in the positioning marketing industry.

SEO Truth #1: In the SEO game, it is not about position but conversion

Click-HereHow many times have you heard customers say that they They don't need SEO, since they are already in a good position for the xyz keyword?

There will be numerous clients who will only focus on ranking without giving any consideration to website visits or conversions. Several prospects, clients and companies have lost themselves in the love of getting ranked on Google. However, the fact is that they will only pay for the ranking.

They tend to forget a vitally important metric the conversion.

If a client asks you to put “antivirus software” first and you are already in fourth place with the conversion rate of 6 percent when you also have 9 percent for a keyword “antivirus software for cell phones” that is eighth place on Google, you should focus on the latter, as it has a higher conversion rate, potential for the future.

SEO Truth #2: Search engine positioning is not your property

It is not your birthright to get a rank on Google. It is a privilege that Google offers to all those who have something useful to offer Google users. Google is not responsible for you, nor are you going to be coddled no matter how big and successful your business is.

Some clients feel that once they reach the top of Google, the job is done for good. They feel that current search rankings will remain static. However, they are completely wrong.

Change is the only constant in the search engine marketing industry and your company's ranking on Google can change at any given time. You have to strive to always be there.

Search engines play a very important role in your sales funnel. Losing these precious rankings could put a big hole in your finances.

SEO Truth #3: The focus on social media must be equitable

seo-and-socialConsider social media signals as important as your new backlinks. Make no mistake, backlinks are and always will be an important part for organic search, however, social signals deserve continued focus and should be applied in an SEO strategy.

Social media signals are certainly taken into account by Google and Bing. SEO's need to make it obvious that they are working to increase the number of shares, tweets, +1s, comments, retweets and views at both the web page level and the network level.

SEO Truth #4: Device SEO is not another design task

There are many website owners and marketing managers who think this. Making the appearance of a website look good on a mobile device is important. However, mobile SEO is more than that.

Mobile optimization allows a site to rank high in local search geographic targeting. Allows user navigation in an easier way. Visitors can access all your information while they are on the go. Content on a mobile site is quick and easy to share.

SEO Truth #5: It is crazy to have a backlink strategy and not a content marketing strategy

backlinksEven after so many changes with constant Google algorithm updates, SEOs still quote a backlink figure to their clients saying they will build x number of links in a month.

A required optimized content marketing strategy to build a strong long-term backlink profile. This requires constantly producing relevant optimized content.

The content could be in any form: blogs, infographics, videos, press releases, case studies and white papers. The content will contain keywords that will drive organic search conversions and build backlinks naturally.

This activity of making backlinks will not only help you for testing, but will also help you create a strong profile of social media signals that also affect the web presence for any business.

SEO Truth #6: Think beyond Google

It is a truth that Google is still the undisputed leader and that all SEO's are trying to please and they do so with good reason. This is probably going to be the case, not only in the near future, but also in the distant future.

However, with the line blurred between social media and SEO, we also have to think about all those perspectives that use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest for the search. These sites should not be neglected and should also be used to have a web presence.

SEO Truth #7: SEO does not give results overnight

SEO-Takes-Time-300x191The main of all truths, the bitter truth about SEO is that it is not a short-term process. It depends on the industry and the target market, it is a long term game and even after getting results, this goes on and on.

In simple terms, It takes time to gain organic positioning. It is not entirely possible to gain first place on Google or any other search engine overnight.

If you are committed to SEO and are doing it with all your ethics (and that is how you should always do it), you might not even notice an increase in rankings for 3-6 months. It could even take you a year to get a return on investment.

SEO Truth #8: SEO is something that must be protected

SEO is a type of activity that offers equity. Just think of SEO as an investment and the investment should maintain its value. This means that your SEO investment must be protected.

Therefore, you can't just do SEO and forget about it. Once you earn a certain rank, you are obligated to maintain those positions and thus the investment cycle does not stop.

This means you are setting aside a budget to protect an investment that has already been made.

If you're still stuck in old SEO practices, it's time to change. If you don't catch up with the latest developments in the SEO search marketing industry, competitors will overtake you to the top of the search engines.

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