8 Tips to Get Started on Social Networks

8 Tips to Get Started on Social Networks Mars664

8 Tips to Get Started on Social Networks

Companies that have existed for many years are the ones that have the most problems switching to new marketing tools and
communication. Knowing how to get started on social networks and how to get followers is not as easy as it seems if you have not previously had contact with them.

In social networks everything revolves around relationships with people, in the case of companies with their clients. What we have to achieve is to captivate the client so that they follow us and interact. Very important data is obtained from these interactions that must be used when creating the company's digital marketing plan.

Social networks like Twitter are much faster and more effective than email. Due to the ease of use of Twitter on mobile, customers interact even on weekends and holidays, so these are added opportunities to attract new customers.
It is more direct to spread news through social networks than through press releases.


Here are 8 tips to follow to get off to a good start on social networks:

1. You must have identified what audience you are interested in, what they are interested in and what other audience you want to reach. Find out which social networks your clients are on. Start by analyzing the characteristics of some; being on Tuenti (a social network in which the average is teenagers) is not the same as being on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or YouTube. On Facebook, in addition to a profile, you must create a Page, in which you can put information about your company that may interest your audience. On Pinterest you can post photos of your products and create a virtual showcase. Twitter is a quick way to reach your target audience, once you have made the right contacts. You can easily connect with people who have the same interests as your company, engage them with your brand, and encourage conversation. On Linkedin you have the opportunity to join groups of professionals, meet new people who have the same interests as you, and participate in events. YouTube is ideal for creating your video showcase.

2. Once you've opened accounts, don't leave them open and that's it. We must act! Personalize the accounts with your company: use the same slogan and corporate image in all of them, and add the icon of all the social networks in which you have decided to embark, as well as the website and/or blog.

3. Start promoting interaction. Publish posts with news and images of your company, both related to new products and news related to the sector in which you operate, and organize contests, debates and raffles. This way you will be able to know your clients' opinion about your products or know how they would like your services to be so you can offer it to them later. Post videos, they are very effective and very popular.

4. Never bombard with your information. Those companies that are dedicated to sending messages at all hours do not obtain the desired results, quite the opposite. Spam is never welcome.

5. Answer all the questions they ask you, the mentions on Twitter and the comments on Linkedin or Facebook. Try to be personal and give honest opinions.

6. Use social buttons in the content of your website. It is a very good way to increase the traffic of your company's website since it allows users to share that content with other users.

7. Accept criticism and learn from it. Users can give their opinion at any time, which is very positive. If their opinions are negative, we have to accept them with the greatest possible respect. If we have made a mistake and they criticize it, it is best to apologize.

8. Measure the results. It is important that you create goals before starting any action on social networks. In this way, when you have been there for a while, you can apply some changes in case those set objectives are not met and thus ensure that they are met.

Remember that when starting on social networks the objective cannot be immediate sales, you have to build loyalty on the networks and make yourself known first.