Don't you have a company page on Google+ yet?

Don't you have a company page on Google+ yet? Mars664

Don't you have a company page on Google+ yet?

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In case you don't already know, having a company profile on Google+ is very interesting since the search results show the identity of the companies and people that are on Google+, making them more visible.

In this, Google+ has an advantage over other networks, since Google immediately indexes each company page that is generated on Google+. Posts published on this social network therefore generate better positioning in searches compared to publications on your other social networks.

Of course there are other factors that help us position ourselves, such as the quality of social connections, generating a large number of +1 recommendations, or the number of followers we have. And most importantly: link your Google+ profile with your website.

Let's do it! Let's create that page:

First you have to have created a personal profile. It is not allowed to create a page on Google+ without first having a profile.

1. Enter this link to create your Company page on Google+

2. Choose a category for your business. If the business is local, it will ask you for a corporate phone number and search for your listing on Google Places. If the number matches, it will show your company information.

3. Create the page using the keywords that identify it.

4. Check it.

5. It is very important to upload an image that identifies our company.

6. In the 'About Me' tab you must add all the links to the pages where your company publishes, social networks, blog, website, etc.

7. Don't forget to put the visibility options in public mode, in the same tab.

8. Creating it is very easy. It's not so much about getting many followers. To do this, it is essential that you publish good content every day. To start, invite all the users who have you in their circles to the company page from your personal profile.

9. Search, depending on the sector in which you are interested, for people to add to your circles.

10. Capture the url of your company page on Google + and publish it on all your social networks, websites and blogs so that people know you and add them to their circles, this way your publications will appear in their news. You can shorten it and personalize it to relate it to your company.

11. Publish the creation of your company page on your profile so that your contacts can include the page in their circles and thus receive our updates.

12. Start using the +1 button on all your posts. For two reasons: because it generates more visits and because Google understands the +1 as a page address to which it is directed; So in the case of ads for campaigns you use several landing pages and each of them will get their +1 as an individual page.