Community Manager: Check your List

Community Manager: Check your List Mars664

Community Manager: Check your List

Community Managers know how complicated it can be to do so many things at the same time in your daily routine, and how easy it is to forget some detail, or simply have a matter occupy you more than necessary, so at the end of the day you lack time Therefore, my opinion is that if you help yourself with this checklist weekly, you will ensure that you have not forgotten anything!

Let's start with the company blog, which we say is the core.

• Write two posts per week
• Publish them on the social networks where your brand is
• What are the target keywords? : Don't forget to use them in the titles of your posts and in the contents

Let's move on to Twitter:

• Send at least 3 new tweets daily: related to the sector, the company, funny ones or the new post on your blog
• Retweet at least two interesting tweets from others, daily
• Follow at least 10 new users, related to your sector, every week
• Be grateful every time they mention or retweet you. Make a note in your diary to look at it three times during the day.


• Find at least 5 new interesting pages related to your sector and click Like.
• Publish at least 2 posts a day on topics related to your sector
• Update the status of your company daily


• Share content at least twice a day, both on your Google profile Plus like on the company page
• Add at least five new people to your circles, daily
• Organize a video chat (hangouts) at least once a month with a topic related to your company
• Use Google + Events to communicate


• Publish photos at least once a month of the new products you offer, destinations or services
• Follow at least 5 boards of people related to your sector
• Add a new board containing at least 5 new pins every week
• Use keywords in your pin descriptions and board titles


• Keep the company profile updated
• Connect with 3-5 new people every week
• Ask for a recommendation at least 1 or 2 times a week
• Follow at least 3 new companies, related to your sector, every week
• Publish relevant posts in the groups you belong to and ask for feedback, daily


• Find three new videos each week, related to your sector and share them on your Facebook page
• Keep the videos relevant but don't forget to combine them with some humor
• Create a video a month in which you can show a part of your company, the experience you have or some personal aspect that interests the general public.
• Record events, or conduct short interviews with other people in your sector on video