How to plan your Social Media strategy

How to plan your Social Media strategy Mars664

How to plan your Social Media strategy


Creating objectives, knowing the market or setting a budget individually are not a strategy. The strategy is the path taken to turn your brand into what you want it to become and of course it requires initial planning to which we must pay close attention.

To develop a strategic plan we must take into account three important parts:


  • Improve customer commitment to our brand, or in other words, create engagement
  • Enhance brand management and reputation
  • Accelerate customer-driven innovation: feeling heard and followed will build customer loyalty
  • Increase your sales?


  • identify opportunities
  • Locate and understand risks
  • Clarify the risk of not creating commitment
  • Establish a clear company policy on social media
  • Communicate this policy internally


  • Define the phases you are going to follow
  • Choose the target platforms
  • Identify the resources required
  • Create a content strategy
  • Establish responsibilities and time commitment
  • Link to your company's offline marketing activities

At the same time, it is of utmost importance that you develop capabilities in your company:

  • Identify your most qualified personnel to work with Social Media
  • Train and support these champions and the rest of the staff
  • Stay up to date on Social Media technology
  • Establish pilot programs
  • Develop a transparent culture of responsibilities