How to Promote a B2B Business?

How to Promote a B2B Business? pixelwork

How to Promote a B2B Business?

To promote a B2B business, there are various advertising mechanisms including traditional media, electronic media and online media. Discover how to develop your advertising strategy to develop your company:

Valuing your brand is an essential step in carrying out your communication plan. Multiple channels allow you to showcase your B2B business and target potential customers.

They help you reach your audience while conveying the right messages. Our tips guide you to successfully promote your brand, product or business.

Develop an effective advertising strategy

Your advertising plan focuses on your goals and your budget. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your advertising campaign for your B2B company. Would you like it…

  • Make your company and its products/services known to a defined audience?
  • Acquire new clients?
  • Launch a new product/service?
  • Keep your customers loyal?
  • Announce a specific event?
  • Promote a unique promotion?

The answers to these questions will help create a relevant and quality advertising strategy. They will also reflect your notions of service, value and trust. You must be a thought leader in your sector.

Define the target audience of your B2B business

To determine your preferred advertising medium, it is important to accurately identify your target. The characteristics of consumers are different from those of companies. For a B2B type company, the following criteria must be taken into account:

  • business sector
  • Quantity of employees
  • The size of the company
  • The legal status
  • Annual billing

Opt for the best advertising media

Advertising media are divided into three large categories: traditional (or print) media, electronic media and online media.

1.- Traditional media

Print media continues to be an excellent means of communication to promote your B2B business. As for print, focus on specialized and local media. Panoramic billboards and advertisements allow you to be seen from afar.

Place them in strategic places, according to your objective. Brochures are very effective tools. They help you highlight your qualities and illustrate them with some photographs. The advertising objects are original, modern and functional. From the simple pencil to the T-shirt and tote bag - you don't have much to choose from at online printers.

Additionally, promotional items help develop customer loyalty depending on the products offered, because sometimes they just have to enter their data. Your clients can easily contact you if they need your services.

2.- Electronic media

In addition to television or radio advertising, the phone It is still a communication channel to consider your promotion. Telephone prospecting is still the best way to create direct contact with your potential client.

You will be able to humanize and personalize your communication while offering your services. However, we recommend avoiding repetitive calls that would tend to feel like harassment. If in the digital age the telephone still allows this human side, people quickly get used to the tools through which they communicate more easily.

3.- Online media

El email It is a relevant tool within your strategy. You integrate the call to action while remaining concise and precise. The website is your showcase where you present your identity, reveal your values ​​and explain precisely your activity. A blog complements it perfectly in the content part.

You write articles related to your business and demonstrate the experience of your B2B company. However, the SEO optimization It is essential to be well referenced in search engines and especially in Google.

Social media is essential because it allows you to broadcast a lot of content, find potential clients, and expand your network. However, they must be part of a digital strategy for your website where we will find the content strategy, editorial planning and community strategy effective.

Therefore, work will need to be done on what content to stream, how often, and whether a community manager will take the lead in managing communities and sharing content.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for your e-reputation and LinkedIn for your B2B marketing.

The benefits of traditional advertising for your B2B business

Traditional advertising has the distinction of reaching a broader audience than the online marketing. Establish a real emotional connection with potential customers and you'll fit right in to promote your B2B business.

It's easy to distribute, affordable, and infinitely customizable. Printed materials allow you to unleash your imagination. To communicate in an original way, there are many possibilities available:

  • Advertising items (pens, diaries, stationery, etc.)
  • clothing and textiles
  • Calendars
  • Leaflets, pads
  • Flags

Print media continues to have economically secure value to promote a B2B business. Contrary to popular belief, they are much cheaper than online advertising.

Master offline and online advertising

Traditional advertising and digital marketing should be considered in your communication plan. Balancing these two methods is quite possible! You can use them together for a more powerful impact.

For example, most print newspapers publish your information on their website. Your press release should be short and relevant to format online and offline publications.

We recommend using electronic means to redirect your potential clients to your digital platforms. The use of QR codes on your business cards or brochures invite your client to live a unique experience.

Regardless of the type of advertising chosen, it is important to define your target audience before promote your B2B business.