Tips to boost an online business in Mexico

Tips to boost an online business in Mexico Mars664

Tips to boost an online business in Mexico

Someday someone will publish a statistic of successful online stores in the Mexican digital market and that day, the business sector will be in for a huge scare. Does this mean that selling on the internet works?, What is worth exploring in the digital market?, That the first to take the risk will be the leaders in a few years?. Absolutely true, whoever intends to venture into online Mexican commerce today, with a sales project on the Internet, has great possibilities of easily dominating their market.

There are some basic questions that have to be carefully reviewed before starting an online store and, although it is never asked enough when approaching a difficult project, there are three that will mark the digital strategy:

1. Is there an internet market for our products?
Just because a product sells well in the traditional market does not mean that it will succeed on the Internet channel. All kiosks sell pipes, however no one is known to have managed to sell them online. A problem, yes, but also an opportunity. For example, I don't know of any bookstores that specialize in books on industrial supply chain optimization, yet Amazon sells thousands of them every year. Therefore, perhaps it is better to focus on the long-tail opportunities and not think so much about our star products in the traditional market.

2. What alternatives does the client have on the network?
On the Internet it doesn't matter whether you are big or small, whether you have a good distribution network or where you are geographically. The customer is three clicks away from a product. Yours and that of many others you have never encountered in the offline world. Maybe your client has more alternatives than you think. In the same way, your business, stripped of its physical limitations, can have opportunities where you did not even imagine. There are the Barrabés (, who from a town in the Pyrenees showed that they could put the American mountain equipment sales sector in check.

3. What products have the best chance of success in this channel?
A product is not just an article, it is a combination of functionalities and circumstances that covers a need (simplifying we can say that, in addition to the article, the emotion that the brand transmits, the packaging, the delivery time and method and many other characteristics form part of the product). The same item can, and probably should, be part of a different product in the real world and in the digital world. Find an unmet need and design your product to respond to it.

Once you answer these three questions, it is very important to analyze the different tools that exist to move your products online.

Using specialized development of web applications, based on cutting-edge technology in the most effective and modern languages ​​such as: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, to position your products and services in global markets in a competitive and successful way.

The goal of an online company is to leave a professional, modern and advanced impression on its customers, not to mention the great opportunity to outperform its competitors. In a nutshell – Considerably increasing the presence and value of the business in current markets.