COVID-19 May Boost Online Sales

COVID-19 May Boost Online Sales Mars664

COVID-19 May Boost Online Sales

Quarantine - You can boost online sales

COVID-19 May Boost Online Sales

People don't want to go out

In most countries where the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an impact, isolation and social distancing measures have been implemented. Workers in the many infected countries have been asked to work from home. Additionally, cities have been shut down and schools have been closed. People in those countries have also started avoiding public places to stay as safe as possible.

Online sales can be boosted

Data from retail predictive analytics company Quantum Metric found that the COVID-19 outbreak, which has forced state and local governments to impose quarantines and limit movement within some major metropolitan areas, has led consumers in everyone to make their purchases on digital platforms. This can boost online sales. E-commerce channels have seen an online revenue growth rate. This rate was 52% between the fifth and eighth weeks of 2020.

This notable shift to e-commerce, with a high amount of online shopping, is a result of the following factors. Local stores are running out of stock due to shipping delays; the storage or accumulation of sufficient goods by consumers to ensure that they do not run out; or buyers who actively avoid public or crowded places.

New users

Online commerce is acquiring new users who did not use it before. Now there are more and more people willing to complete their purchases online. Quantum Metric analysis found an 8.8% increase in conversion rates on online purchases, compared to the same period last year. This indicates that many more of the buyers who visit websites are now actually making a purchase.

The data clearly demonstrates the benefits that these businesses, which stand out for offering digital products, are having in our society at this time.

Additionally, e-commerce activity, particularly related to health and food, is booming. According to data from e-commerce advertising technology provider Pacvue , there has been a surge in Amazon searches for products like hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. In addition, digital buyers are also willing to get the products they need with longer delivery times; this in order to avoid going to the stores.

The e-commerce situation is more complex and moving faster than ever. It has become a benefit and challenge for digital marketers. Sellers should be ready to have more repeat buyers. They will also need to be ready for these new users who will be visiting their online stores for the first time. And advertising managers must stay on top of the latest news, as it could drive consumer behaviors.