The New SEOProfiler Ranking Monitor

The New SEOProfiler Ranking Monitor pixelwork

The New SEOProfiler Ranking Monitor

The new version of the ranking monitor of the popular web-based Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler will be released soon. The new ranking monitor will have exciting new features that will make it even easier to work with your Google ranking. Unfortunately, the new features come with a new pricing model.

Many new features, easier to use

Some of the new features that will be available in the new ranking monitor are:

  • Be the first to know when rankings change: You can now check your search engine rankings daily.
  • Compatible with mobile users: You can now check your ranking on Google Mobile – in addition to the desktop mode of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Full Unicode Support: The new rating monitor supports 91 countries and languages.
  • There is no restriction: You can track as many domains, subdomains and URLs as you want. Additionally, you can track many of your competitor's domains and URLs as you wish.
  • Finally: You can track the rankings of external pages, for example, YouTube videos, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, Vimeo videos, etc.
  • Multiple Rankings: Sometimes you appear multiple times for the same keyword. The new rating monitor now shows all of that.
  • All result types: Check local results, image results, organic results, news results, maps and video results.
  • Lots to mention: There are several new display filters, custom comparison dates, Competitor Ranking history, and many more features.

Your Classification Monitoring Solution

SEOprofiler's ranking monitor is a very comprehensive ranking checking solution. In addition to the new features above, you get:

  • A detailed ranking history: learn how your ranking changes over time
  • Compare your ranking with your competitors' rankings
  • Get a list of ranking opportunities – find out which keywords can bring you a lot more visitors if your web pages are slightly improved
  • Receive alerts when rankings change dramatically

New plans, new prices

With the new rating monitor, new pricing plans are going to be introduced. Unfortunately, daily rating checks are very expensive. This means that SEOprofiler prices will increase by 50% for new customers.

The existing customers: do not worry! You will get the new ranking monitor and They will maintain the current pricing plan.

If you don't have an SEOProfiler subscription however, you can lock the current pricing. Request a subscription to SEOprofiler now and save 50% every month to come!

The new monitor ranking and new pricing will be announced in the coming weeks.