Google Flights and its New Features

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Google Flights and its New Features

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A bug has bitten you, the travel bug. You're in the mood for an adventure. You know what you want to do, maybe see exotic wildlife, or ride roller coasters, the problem is, you don't know where the best place to travel is. Does this sound like any situation you've been in before? Now Google has a solution.

Travelers can now search for flights on Google Flights without having to enter a specific date or even a location.

After Google revamped its mobile travel search results last month, Tnooz reports that Google Flights has now added new search filters.

With the updated Google Flights site features, users don't have to have exact dates or even a specific destination to start planning their next trip.

New filters allow users to search by continents when they choose the tab "Place", and even reduce your travel options by twelve different "interests", including “adventure tourism” and “honeymoon”.


Here we can see how at the top we have the departure and arrival date data (in this case for a round trip flight). Below the page has some filters such as “stops” (referring to stopovers), price, airline, schedules and More (duration of the flight).

Below this information is shown the CDMX as a destination in which I was interested to do these tests.

With these new filters it is much easier to find the right flight. Below we have more filters that make searching for a flight even easier. ANDFirst of all we have the date, we can choose between a specific month or a specific weekend.


The next filter is region where we can choose the continent where our destination is located, once selected one below, the most convenient destinations are displayed.


The last filter is interests, in which we can choose if we want to search for a destination with Playa, if we want it to be a island, if we search winter sports among others, as with the region filter by clicking on one of these Specialized destinations of our interest will be deployed.


After you have selected the round-trip flight, you will be redirected to the page of the airline you chose, it will only remain for you confirm your reservation and that's it. So now you know for your next trip you can use Google