Google to Show Broader Text Ads for All Devices

Google to Show Broader Text Ads for All Devices pixelwork

Google to Show Broader Text Ads for All Devices

Perhaps the last vestige of the 25-35-35 character AdWords for devices will be out soon.

As reported earlier this month, Google has been testing longer text ads in search results across devices. On Tuesday, the company announced that expanded text ads will be available to advertisers later this year.

With the removal of right-side ads, Google now has the flexibility to give text ads more characters in a way that looks uniform across devices. Expanded text ads will be eligible to run on all devices and will be optimized for smartphones.

Sridhar Ramaswamy google“These improvements help your ads perform better on all screens, especially for the mobile consumer who wants to know exactly what is being offered before they “click” on your website,”

Said the senior vice president of Google, Sridhar Ramaswamy, in a blog announcing this and other Google news on Tuesday.

More Characters in Google Adwords

The new ad format will have two longer titles of up to 30 characters each and a line Longest description up to 80 characters.

The display URL can include up to two directory paths that advertisers can use to describe the content of the landing page. Directories do not have to match the URL of the landing page.

Here is the summary of the changes:

google-larger text ads for all devices

Start planning now

This departure from the 25-35-35 character format that has been perhaps the only constant throughout AdWords' 15-year history will be a big change for advertisers.

“We recommend that you start planning for this update before it comes out later this year,” Ramaswamy said in the blog post.


Source: Search Engine Land