Google Transfers its Official Blogs to

Google Transfers its Official Blogs to pixelwork

Google Transfers its Official Blogs to

Google Transfers Your Blogs

Google Transfers Your Blogs
Being able to spot official Google blogs just got a little easier. Google is transitioning all of its official blog URLs from Blogspot to new blogs on the domain.

There has been confusion in recent years about whether some blogs are actually official blogs or not, and there are also many unofficial Google blogs that are also hosted on Blogspot which complicates the situation. So this change was undoubtedly necessary.

Google's John Mueller He also joked that it was a good time to try Google's official site migration tips.


An unfortunate effect of the transition is that all legacy Google+ comments will be “they will reset” while the transition occurs. So if any comment on a post on Google's official blogs is important, it has not yet been transferred.

There is no itinerary for the transitions, it is only known that the various Google blogs would change “over time.” All bookmarks and saved links to all old URLs They will continue to work and will be redirected to the new version of each blog.

Recently an email from Google Webmaster has been sent informing of this change:

You may have noticed that the Google Webmaster blog It has a new address:

That's because starting today, Google is moving its blogs to a new domain to help people recognize when they're reading an official Google blog. These changes will roll out to all Google blogs over time.

The old URL will redirect to the new domain, so your bookmarks and links will still work. Unfortunately, like a custom domain change in Blogger, Google+ comments on blogs have been reset.

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