Does Google Value AJAX Content Less Than HTML?

Does Google Value AJAX Content Less Than HTML? pixelwork

Does Google Value AJAX Content Less Than HTML?

Does Google Value AJAX Content Less Than HTML?

The use of AJAX is still very popular for websites and in Google Dance Tokyo, Gary Illyes and the other Google employees were questioned about whether AJAX content is valued less by Google when compared to static HTML content, or if Googlebot still has problems with AJAX – something many webmasters have been dealing with. fought for several years.

Does Googlebot have a static HTML over AJAX bias, even though Google can crawl generally well?


Here is Google's response:

Since Googlebot can see the content, it doesn't matter if it is Ajax or static HTML. Googlebot can crawl almost all pages now. This was not the case in recent days. We try to do and evaluate what users actually see in their browser. So in general, ajax content and static HTML content are evaluated equally.

So as long as Googlebot can crawl properly, everything should be fine for SEO purposes. And SEOs can use Google Search Console's Fetch and Render tool to make sure Googlebot is seeing what it should be seeing.

They also added some additional tips and warnings for SEO using AJAX, although it is relevant to all SEO tips.

  • Don't block JavaScript in robots.txt.
  • Make sure Googlebot can display the page correctly by using Fetch and Render in Google Search Console.
  • Google cannot display dynamic content driven by user interaction, such as clicking or hovering.
  • It is necessary to assign a unique URL address for each content. For example, Googlebot cannot see all the infinite scroll content with the same URL, since it does not scroll.

So pay attention, if you are using AJAX, or any other type of coding that Googlebot might have problems with, as long as it displays correctly in the search console, Google does not treat content any differently if it were static HTML or any other type of coding or script.

Thanks to Kenichi Suzuki, a major Google Japan contributor and popular SEO blogger, for translating the Google Dance Q&A article in Tokyo.

Source: The SEM Post