The Best Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts

The Best Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts pixelwork

The Best Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts

Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts

Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts
Twitter is one of the best contact building tools on the web. While Facebook will likely remain number one for small businesses looking to generate sales, Twitter makes networking so easy with others, something that is a benefit.

However, Twitter can be overwhelming and it's not so easy to keep up with many contacts at the same time. How could a single person keep up with more than 1000 contacts? Even if they dedicate a large amount of time each day to managing their account?

I know I don't have the time to do it, and neither do most people I know... so a tool panel to Manage Twitter Contacts to help filter and organize information, while monitoring the activity of your followers.

These are probably the five best (and most affordable) tools I've found.

Tools to Manage Twitter Contacts

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I'm always amazed at how infrequently I see this service whose name appears in tops of other articles, as it is without a doubt one of the best Twitter contact tracking tools on the web. It is used by many companies (Nike, HP, Cisco, etc), and has been praised time and time again from sources such as Social Media Examiner. So why is it not well known?

Your guess is as good as mine, but it's my first choice. You can monitor multiple Twitter profiles, get tips on who to follow, comment, thank you, and see better mention tracking.

Most people who use it go with their paid service since most of the features are unlimited ($29.99 a month). But they have a free service that is very useful for basic users.

One of my favorite features is “Consider Reply” where I can check to see if I missed any interactions on Twitter.


This is a social media tracker and organizer that works with Twitter as well as Facebook. Track what your friends are sharing and ranks your updates based on how many of your friends have shared the URL.

You can find trending topics from within your circle of contacts, so it's best to take advantage of the information that is shared.

It has an amazing app that allows you to stay on top of important industry news while you're on the go. The app sends push notifications and email reminders.

Until now it is the Most effective way to keep an eye on the industry in which we are quickly while moving.


One of the Most popular Twitter desktop management panels, Tweetdeck has both its fans and its dissenters. There is no doubt that it is a great contact management tool for Twitter. You can monitor a unlimited number of accounts, create filters, get constant updates, set alerts.

My personal fascination with the tool comes from the ability to set up desktop alerts that always appear at the top of conversations that involve the account name.


This panel is usually considered rougher, especially for professional users. It's actually really heavy, with full analytics, schedules, trackers, and social media management.

One of my favorite features is the “Social inbox” that tracks social media interactions with your content. A time saver!


Cyfe is a freemium multipurpose tool which allows you to create dashboards to track any type of data (from the analysis of search results).

With Cyfe you can track and store a lot of Twitter data, including mentions, followers, influencer search results, etc. Use Cyfe to monitor and archive important hashtags for later use for keyword research and other interactions.

What service do you use to manage your Twitter contacts? Comment below!