The 7 Elements that Will Boost Your Ads and Sales Conversions

The 7 Elements that Will Boost Your Ads and Sales Conversions pixelwork

The 7 Elements that Will Boost Your Ads and Sales Conversions

How can you modify your ads and landing pages to boost conversions?

When it comes to being successful with paid search, it's not just about the ad copy. You have to pay attention to ad extensions and landing pages as well.

1.- Images

78% of buyers want images.

Buyers respond well to images. It is the reason why Google has increased and continues to increase the number of images we see on search results pages. It is also the reason why online sellers allow us to zoom in and view products from different angles.

An awesome way to increase the number of images in the SERPs is to use product inventory ads (if applicable). We love how product ads allow us to take up space and show more than one product. We like to add ad annotations, such as setting up price alerts (on Bing), badges, and product reviews to make your ads pop up even more and grab the buyer's attention.

Focusing on feeds will pay dividends in the future, as commercial feeds are likely to appear in more places in the SERPs (Think image search and local ad units), and will become much more common. It's a good idea to prepare for opportunities that will come in the not-too-distant future.

2. Product Reviews

69% of buyers want feedback.

It's a great idea to have them on your site and also incorporate them into PPC ads using the opinion extensions. Review extensions are annoying as there are a ton of policies surrounding posting reviews. It's not uncommon to have ads rejected a couple of times before they are approved.

It is worth noting that reviews cannot be older than 12 months to appear on Google Trusted Stores and, therefore, in the extensions of opinions. Consistently ask customers to review products, so review extensions (and seller ratings) continue to appear in your account.

3. Side-by-side product comparisons

46% of shoppers want side-by-side product comparisons.

These are effective ways to compare your company's products or to compare products against competitors' products. A Chart or table format tends to be the easiest to read and allows buyers to digest information better.

Here's an example from Phillips and some of their natural light wake-up lights:

Personally, I like to highlight (or put a badge on) the most popular product. Highlighting is very effective in improving online conversions, and I've seen increases of over 20 percent when tables include a badge. In the example below, the Pro version of the product is the most popular and is denoted by the color blue.

In this example, it would have been even better if the blue column was marked “best seller” (or similar text).

4. Customer testimonials

42% of buyers want customer testimonials.

I find them useful, especially if there is a notable difference between you and your competitors.

We have worked with a company that makes a product that is more expensive than its competitor's product. Their testimonials highlight other benefits and justify the additional cost.

The “negative” is offset by knowledge and impressive customer service.

Testimonials effectively encourage people to “Catch the Bullet” because they know that their overall experience will be good and that they will be delighted with their purchase.

5. Video Product Demonstrations

30% of buyers want video demonstrations of products.

This is especially good if the product is complicated or difficult to understand. For example, let's say you sell car parts, and the parts are difficult to install.

In PPC, video extensions are a good option to consider. Now only available in Bing.

6. Live chat with shopping assistant

22% of shoppers want a live chat with a shopping assistant.

A good option for this is the ActionLink extension on Bing. We've seen more engagement with interactive ads as a result of the inclusion of live chat, especially in industries where people have a lot of questions.

 Source: Mona Elesseily at Search Engine Land