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Our Magento eCommerce development starts from the moment you decide to start a business. With specific theme design, we can turn your vision into reality by creating a unique style statement for your online store.

To improve customer experience, our team of professionals integrates third-party applications to automate certain business processes. You can also create custom extensions, such as payment gateways or supply chain management tools, to improve business performance.
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Magento Services
Magento Webdesign

Personalized, attractive and easy-to-use design, based on user research that makes the shopping experience totally pleasant from the first visit to the payment confirmation page, on all devices.

Magento Updates

We understand that upgrading Magento may seem like a complicated process. We are here to help you make this upgrade safely and efficiently, minimizing any downtime that may impact your online business.

Magento Fix

Are you having trouble with a poorly implemented Magento website? We specialize in taking care of broken Magento sites: repairing, modifying and cleaning up bad code to make them work. You will see an increase in your results within days of us taking over.

Magento Migration

Do you want to transfer all your data from platforms like Prestashop, WooCommerce or OsCommerce without worrying about losing information? We are your number one choice when it comes to migration services! We are here to make this process safe and hassle-free for you.

Magento Hosting

We will meet your Magento hosting needs by helping you choose and configure a custom hosting environment to ensure uptime and speed. We work closely with our hosting partners to maintain and implement improvements to ensure your store achieves the highest sales possible.

Magento Maintenance

It is recommended to update Magento stores to the latest version of Magento and install security-related patches as soon as they are available. Our team will provide monitoring and apply the necessary system patches seamlessly to your store, without any downtime or issues.

Magento Integrations

Do you need Magento to integrate with your ERP, CRM, POS, accounts or third-party software? Almost all of our clients have these complexities and we have become specialists in integrating Magento with virtually any system. Our integrations are simple and reliable.

Magento Extensions

Third-party extensions are sometimes difficult to understand and optimize. We will provide you with assistance on how each of the extensions works with Magento so that you can enjoy maximum benefits.

Magento Speed-up

The speed of the website is essential from the end customer's purchasing experience. Slow loading websites usually generate a high bounce rate. We build super fast Magento websites. If your website is slow, we can speed it up.

Magento Audit

Making subtle adjustments and modifications to your website's code is very important for its visibility in search engines. We provide in-depth SEO audits and SEO improvements. With our monthly SEO content and brand enhancement service, you will benefit from increased traffic and preserved brand quality.

Magento UX

There's no need to guess how long visitors stay on your site or what they're having trouble with. Tools like Hotjar, Mouse Flow, and FullStory track the end customer's journey through your site and use that information to improve customer experience and, ultimately, site conversion.

Google Analytics

Analytics is intended for analysis, not just reporting. Are you getting the most out of your analytics? Gain a better understanding of your customers and apply that knowledge to improve your site for a better online experience and higher conversions.

Top Reasons to Choose Magento 2

The Magento 2 platform brings new opportunities to your business. See the best advantages.

Scalability and efficiency

Don't lose customers to a slow loading e-store! Provide quick, hassle-free access to your website no matter the size of your store. Choose a scalable solution.

Modular design

Modules are the heart of Magento. They serve as the basis for the entire IT architecture. Therefore, you can expand and modify the platform infinitely.

Intuitive interface

The admin panel and store view are UX friendly: modern, expanded but also readable. Content moderators without coding knowledge can easily cope with using the platform.

Multi-site unified commerce

Solution for companies that have many online stores (in different languages ​​or for different types of customers). You see all stores in one management panel.

Responsive design

The store website will look great on different types of devices. It makes mobile e-commerce more accessible to customers.

Infinite integrations

Expand your eCommerce business with numerous extensions and plugins. Optimize the management and sales process and save time.

SEO tools

Magento lays the foundation for search engine optimization work. If you need it, we can also help you get a detailed report and provide you with a fully designed SEO strategy.

Analysis tools

Magento 2 analytics tools provide the opportunity to monitor website traffic and collect important information about user behavior.

Once you partner with Pixelwork, your online store will never go down. Our various acceleration techniques ensure that your website is always running at maximum speed. With expert technical support, our goal is to minimize your site's downtime.

The first step to providing the best Magento web development services is to understand the dynamics of your business and identify new opportunities to explore.

Prior to web development, our team of experts will conduct a detailed audit of your current website. This step helps us understand your strengths and weaknesses and puts your current business goals into perspective.

Once the audit is complete, our team moves on to creating a web development draft for your online store with specific milestones. We keep our clients updated every step of the way to ensure all their requirements are met.

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