New AMP Tags

New AMP Tags pixelwork

New AMP Tags

New AMP Tags

The AMP Project has announced some new additions to AMP that offer publishers more flexibility in the appearance of AMP pages while still being fast for users. They included a highly requested addition – social sharing buttons.

New AMP Tags

This tag will display the most popular social sharing buttons. Including among these Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, with possible support from others in the future.

This new feature allows for a sidebar that is docked to the side of the screen in the closed position, but can be opened by the user by clicking or sliding it open.

This tag allows users to hide selections in collapsible blocks, similar to what we see on many mobile pages, especially ones that are large with multiple sections, such as Wikipedia.

This tag allows editors to create a look and feel for the page based on the reference.

These features are available, but are still considered in the testing phase, so they are asking for problem and bug reports.

However, I'm not sure if Google has added this in their validator or not. So these could cause the validator to fail if Google hasn't updated it yet, resulting in those pages not appearing in AMP carousels.

I have asked John Mueller If this is a problem, and he thinks it works, but he directs the conversation to one of the AMP techs to respond as well.

Source: The Sem Post