Google Officially Changes its Ad Labels to Green

Google Officially Changes its Ad Labels to Green pixelwork

Google Officially Changes its Ad Labels to Green

In the searches, the green “Ads” labels in Google search results over the past couple of months, with a reported increase.

Google sent a statement to The SEM Post confirming that Google is changing the color of its ad labels to green globally.

“We regularly test ways to improve the appearance of our search results page. We've been experimenting with a green ad search tag and have decided to extend it based on positive feedback from users and advertisers.

Our goal is to make our results page easy to use, and our labeling clear and prominent.”

Google confirmed that this has been rolled out globally to all users and on all devices. So let's do this on both desktop and mobile.

Google saw no change in the CTRs of AdWords and organic ads when the ad tag color was changed. Therefore, it seems that the change was made for purely aesthetic reasons and not for CTR reasons, which will make many SEOs happy.

Google began testing the green label in April, with a much larger test audience 5% of all searches. They adjusted the color slightly the following month.

Google also promotes the fact that its ads are marked as ads much more than other search engines. Bing has “Ads” in gray text, while Yahoo simply has an “ads related to” ” at the top of your ads, also in light gray text.

If you're not seeing this new color, you may be able to see them if you use incognito mode.