Why spam on Google is a bigger problem in some languages

Why spam on Google is a bigger problem in some languages pixelwork

Why spam on Google is a bigger problem in some languages

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Over the years, there have been many comments that Web spam is a bigger problem in some languages ​​compared to others, and some of the old-school tactics – like buying links – still work in non-English search results.

Are there more spammers in languages ​​other than English? Is it a question of lack of competition? Or do the algorithms not work as well in other languages?

During the WebPromo Expert Google Q & A, Andrey Lipattsev, Senior Search Quality at Google, talked about why some countries see more spam, and it's really a problem of lack of competition.

In Eastern Europe, and not just the Eastern European markets, it is a problem for most of the bordering countries, because of the Arabic speaking, there is simply not enough content compared to the percentage of the internet population that these regions represent .

I don't have updated data, I know that a couple of years ago we looked at Arabic for example, and the disparity was enormous. If I'm not mistaken, the Arabic speaking population in the world is something like five or six percent, maybe more, correct me if I'm wrong. But the amount of Arabic content in our index is definitely below that.

Which means, we simply don't have enough Arabic content to give to our users. And in some areas, it can be exploited surprisingly easily.

If you create some content in Arabic, no matter what, let's position it well, we don't have anything else to put in, so we're going to show this, and it will end up being horrible.

And people will say, you know, this works! I keyword saturated this page, bought some links and voila, number one!

There's just nothing more to show, you know. So yes, you are number one. By the time someone actually creates high-quality content they're going to be there long term, you're out, and you're going to be replaced.

One of the things we try to do, in particular, and one of the reasons I'm traveling there, is really work with those markets and provide the tools and the means for those webmasters, SEOs and marketing agencies, the tools, the guidelines, and the best practices, here is what you can do, here are the tools that Google offers and so on.

It also comments a bit on the algorithms that affect all languages, even if it seems that some languages ​​are more spammy than others.

The algorithms are already there. It's just that the content that we're seeing, it's kind of... I don't want to offend anyone, I don't want to say that the type of content that these algorithms are made for doesn't exist. I don't mean to say that this happens on the average American page...

The technology is used and the approach too, these have changed a lot, as you know. In some parts of the world, speaking English is very broad, speaking English in the West has evolved a lot, and we have adapted to them, and this opened what we could call holes or exploits for other types of content and other types of behavior.

And we're going to keep them in our sights, just obviously with a lower priority, we want to keep pace with new developments.

We've seen Google target spam in certain languages ​​and countries in recent years, taking down some notable spam link networks, such as some of Poland and Germany, among others.

It's a little surprising to hear someone from Google Search Quality talking about the lack of quality content available in some languages. This makes spammers aware that there could be an easy route to ranking and earning revenue in these markets, making the problem of lack of quality content an even bigger problem with more spam being added. now that spammers know that gap exists there.

That being said, there could be SEOs who set out to create quality content sites in other languages ​​now you know the opportunity exists as well, and you can fill that noticeable gap in Google's search index for some less popular languages, and bounce some of the low-quality results back into the search results.

But, some languages ​​seem to have more spam not because spammers can easily take quality content out of the game, but rather because there is no quality content available to rank in the results above spammier.