Can You Optimize Your Website for Google RankBrain?

Can You Optimize Your Website for Google RankBrain? pixelwork

Can You Optimize Your Website for Google RankBrain?


The system Google RankBrain It is the latest signal from Google in the Google ranking algorithm. While good links from other websites and content on websites remain the most important signals, RankBrain has become an important addition. Can you optimize your website for RankBrain? And if so, how?


What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is a artificial intelligence system learning algorithm. In an interview, Google commented that RankBrain was the third most important factor in the ranking algorithm, along with links and content.

If RankBrain sees a word or phrase it is unfamiliar with, the machine can guess which words or phrases may have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly.

RankBrain tries to guess what people mean when they search.


Is there a score for RankBrain?

Google uses an internal PageRank score to judge the quality of links pointing to a site. There is also an internal quality score that judges the quality of a web page's content. Does Google also use that score with RankBrain?

Google's Gary Illyes said at SMX Advanced 2016 that there is no scoring for RankBrain. He also said that you can't optimize your website for RankBrain. Google's John Mueller confirmed this last week:

So you can't optimize your website for RankBrain?

Although Google says RankBrain is a ranking signal, it is not really a signal like links and content. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that RankBrain will work in your favor:


1.- The content of your pages is more important than ever

Google wants to show the best results on the results pages. It is not enough for a page on your website to be related in some way to a specific keyword. Your website should be relevant to a particular topic.

Without good content, it will be very difficult to obtain high rankings. Take time to develop good content for your website.


2.- Your website needs a clear focus

Websites that deal with many different topics are more likely to be flagged as spam (for example, websites with thousands of topics such as “How To”). The easier it is to find out what your website is about, the more likely it is that your website will rank well.

Don't focus on individual keywords, focus on topics. Your website pages should contain many different keywords that are related to the topic of your website.


3.- A clear structure of the website helps a lot

Google wants to know what your website is about. If the structure of your website helps Google understand your pages, your pages are more likely to rank well.

Use categories and subcategories, folders, and an easy-to-understand navigation menu. Breadcrumb navigation also makes it easy to understand the structure of your website: Home > Category > Subcategory > Tag > Pageview

Optimize your pages to get high ranking

While it is not possible to optimize your website for Google RankBrain, you can still optimize your web pages to get high rankings on Google. The tips above can help you with that.