What is anchor text? Anchor Text

What is anchor text? Anchor Text pixelwork

What is anchor text? Anchor Text

Anchor Text) is the visible and clickable piece of text in a link. The text appears in a different color and is often underlined. If done right, this indicates what is behind that link. Having your anchor texts right increases the chances of someone clicking on your link. It also provides context for search engines.

What does anchor text look like?

The anchor text describes the article and invites you to click. Even search engines understand that the linked article is relevant because both the URL and anchor text appear to be in order. Let's say you want to learn something about anchor text. [What is anchor text] exactly? You will see that I am naturally linked to the article you are reading now.

What does a delimiter text look like in HTML?

The first piece of code is the URL, while the second part describes the link. This is the anchor text. Go downstairs:

Different types of anchor text

Anchor text is relevant to both your internal links and your incoming external links. External sites that want to link to your content can do so in several ways.

  • Brand Links: A link with your brand as an anchor, such as page.
  • The URL itself: just your site's URL without text, such as https://seite.mx. It is not that useful in most cases.
  • Site name: written as seite.mx.
  • Article title: exact match of the article, such as What is anchor text?.
  • Exact Keywords: Your focus keyword/keyphrase as anchor text
  • Partially matching keywords: Using variants of your focus keyword to make a link readable.
  • Related Keywords: Not a direct match, but a keyword or keyphrase that is closely related to the main one.
  • Generic links: Try to avoid these 'Click here' and 'Read more' links. Tell people what a link is about. Otherwise, they are guessing.

Best practices for anchor texts

It's not exactly complicated because writing relevant anchor text is common sense. A link must provide value to a user, and anchor text is the most important way to convey the value of that link. Keep it natural. Don't make bad sentences for your exact match keywords or key phrases. If it doesn't sound natural when you say it out loud, don't write it down. Also, don't make an entire sentence your anchor text. Keep it condensed and easy to understand.

What not to do with anchor texts

First of all, keep your links relevant. Don't spam your anchor text and don't use generic anchor text to try to get people to visit your link. Don't stuff your anchor text with keywords. You should not use text that is unrelated to the linked content.

Whatever you do, don't mislead your users. Nobody likes this. This also applies to trying to make your site design stand out from the crowd with a link that doesn't look like a link. Keep the font color different and underlined. Otherwise, people will easily miss your link.

Of course, you don't have much control over how other sites link to your site. However, you can set up a link building strategy that has a better chance of getting those coveted relevant links with great anchor texts.

Internal links and anchor texts

We all know that internal bonding is essential. Yoast SEO has an internal linking tool that makes it much easier to find related content to link to on your site. Whenever you add a relevant link to your article, you should also think about anchor text. By thinking carefully about how and why you link to these articles to improve your internal link structure, you can help both users and search engines navigate your site better.

To get the most out of internal links, try to add links that add real value to users. Write great anchor texts for them, so readers know that this link has been carefully selected so they can continue reading. Don't link for the sake of it. Make it relevant and useful. And of course; no spam!

This is the anchor text

Anchor text helps both search engines and search engines determine if a link is worth visiting. Some people try to game this system, but you surely shouldn't do this. Google has become quite good at determining which links are unnatural and even harmful. So, keep it natural and relevant.