Marketing Trends in Mexico

Marketing Trends in Mexico Mars664

Marketing Trends in Mexico

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Social Media is the key for small and large businesses that use the Internet to achieve success. Considering the fact that many retailers have been affected in recent years, implementing a good social media strategy may be more important than ever.

A complete and effective marketing plan includes social media, because the flow of information is channeled more effectively and easily than offline. I have heard it said that Online Marketing is the substitute for offline marketing, but this does seem like a serious mistake to me.

Social media is of utmost importance but not everyone is on social media channels, so an offline presence will also add value to us. Therefore, the perfect combination is to implement both, without forgetting that the product will continue to address the same target audience both online and offline. There is a general confusion that causes companies to think that on the Internet they have to target a different potential customer, usually younger.

However, studies have been carried out that show that the trend is to use an increasingly higher dose of online marketing within our strategies. Below I am going to share some figures related to the behavior of Spanish Internet users.

Social Networks and Social Media: What is the difference?

In the world of Online Marketing these terms are often confused: Social Media and Social Networks. For this reason, I am going to briefly explain what both are.
Social Media, as its name suggests, refers to Social Media. That is, the set of platforms, tools, applications and media with which we create conversation, interaction, collaboration and distribution of content between users. They belong to Social Media: Facebook, RSS, Linkedin, Twitter, Technorati, WordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare…etc., etc., etc.

To clarify the doubt that is assailing you at this moment, I will actually tell you that Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin are not social networks, but Social Media. However, the Social Network is what Facebook, Twitter or any other platform creates, by connecting thousands of users, sharing thousands of posts, and inducing interaction. The translation of Social Network in English is: Social Network, and its definition: it is an enormous social structure formed by groups of people with common interests, equal thoughts, connected and building ties through communities. The social network is therefore the creation of links and connection between people through social media.
However, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social platforms have adopted the name 'social network'.

In social networks, communication is two-way. Depending on the topic, people congregate to join others with similar experiences and profiles. Conversations are the core of social networks and relationships develop through them.
Social Media is hard work and takes time since you cannot automate individual responses to comments and unless you are highly recognized and your brand is already established, followers do not appear overnight. Because social media is about direct communication between you and the people you choose to connect with, your conversation is richer, more goal-oriented, and above all, more personal. Your network grows when you meet and are introduced to others.