Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Trends in 2016 pixelwork

Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Trends in 2016

Marketing Trends in 2016
Every year brings with it new opportunities for digital success, and in this post, you will see the Marketing trends in 2016.

The focus has been on search marketing and digital trends so keep in mind adding some of these into your marketing campaigns or combining them as we move further into 2016.

Social Networks are slowing down, but will continue to grow

I feel like I'm cheating by adding this to this post however, when looking at the unstoppable dominant forces for 2016, I can't leave out the social media.

With new social media platforms entering the market and existing channels continuing to grow, this medium of social communication will take time to decline, although I expect the growth to slow somewhat.

According to a recent report by Our Social Times:

Over a period of nine months, the growth of Instagram far surpassed that of other social media platforms, including a growth stage (between March and December 2014) in which it surpassed the 300 million user mark and expanded its audience by approximately 50 percent.

Facebook, surprisingly, had more video views in a single month than YouTube from desktop, yet the change to autoplay on Facebook arguably had a direct impact.

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social and messaging networks, with six months of growth in 2014 greater than that of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and many others.

Low-cost marketing will expand It's not all about emails

When thinking about low marketing costs the first element that usually comes to mind is marketing email. By 2016, I would like to imagine that a large majority of companies will have tested incorporating newsletter emails, company updates, industry news and changes, promotions, exciting news, and more.

In comparison, a smaller percentage will have expanded into this low-cost area of ​​marketing to incorporate things like text marketing (also known as SMS marketing and mobile marketing), but there is a growing trend.

According to UK SMS providers, the white paper Textlocal M-Commerce:

Almost 4 million men and women in the UK are willing to listen to retailers via text at least once a month.

When you begin to expand the types of low-cost marketing and expand the areas within the marketing mix to employ, you will be surprised by the responses you get, even from the same distribution lists.

One of the factors for this is that people digest communication differently, so recognizing the diversity of approaches to your audience will improve key performance metrics such as open rates, response rates, and much more.

Digital Marketing will be increasingly integrated in 2016

When you have different expert collaborators from search and digital marketing, you will be able to mitigate most of the drawbacks of one marketing channel with the benefits of the other.

From setting the initial goal and creating strategy, through identifying key results, to defining success, and ultimately finished actions – many more companies will invest in integrated search marketing as the future progresses. 2016.

An example of an integrated digital work model can be seen below:

To support effective integrated working, companies will be more creative in the focus of their deliveries including the interaction of internal staff as well as working relationships with external service providers, changing the historical outsourcing approach to increase the mentality of the external team.

La omni-channel marketing (actually another way to describe multichannel marketing) was a rapidly growing buzzword in 2015 (starting its growth in late 2013), and the trend will continue globally in 2016, too. Here's an example of what this trend looks like:


Device targeting will be included in every marketing strategy

The growth of mobile search has been well documented and a recent Insights study tells us that this trend is going to remain active for some time to come.

Mobile orientation is not a new trend, but many companies have not yet fully embraced it, or have focused on where the mobile opportunity could give them that ROI potential. Some key takeaways from this recent study include the following points.

Users Mobile devices in the world surpass desktop users On a global scale, this means that the opportunity to generate business value from effective mobile marketing has never been greater than it is now.

An increasing number of sellers are changing their approach to reflect this, and I see this continuing to build momentum in 2016. There is some suggested stagnation to this, but I don't see 2016 being the year for this.

Types of Internet access: People are spending most of their time viewing the Internet daily on mobile devices, in fact, 51% of the total time spent in 2015 was on mobile phones and other devices.

When you consider the imminent mobile Internet access (think of issues like walking from one place to another, periods of downtime, breaks and actions of Internet access between tasks) this is going to shape many approaches to marketing based on this and other behaviors.

Mobile ad budget: Compared to the amount of time people use mobile phones to access the Internet, advertising spend is disproportionately lower than opportunity.

While re-entering the mobile advertising space is no longer an option (as the potential is widely known), maximizing this channel still offers many new opportunities.

Info: It's getting bigger and now it's in real time

When looking at digital industry trends and key points influencing approaches to delivering key services, the role of big data and real-time data cannot be overlooked.

Marketers have access to more information than at any other stage of human existence, and the challenge to successful digital marketing in 2016 and beyond is making meaning of all this data.

La information fuels everything, from content and knowledge creation, through reporting and strategy refinement. If you are going to make a decision without digital data, you are probably passing up a large number of extra opportunities.