Having AMP will not improve your Google rankings

Having AMP will not improve your Google rankings pixelwork

Having AMP will not improve your Google rankings

In a webmaster hangout session on YouTube, Google's John Mueller talked about the influence of AMP on the rankings of your web pages. Your website will appear in a different listing on Google search results pages (for example, in the top stories carousel, but you won't get a ranking boost).

These are the words of John Mueller of Google:

“As far as I understand, AMP won't increase rankings, it just displays your site slightly differently. So, of course, depending on how you track your site rankings, if your site shows up, for example, in the top stories carousel, that could be something that looks like a ranking boost."

But many of these search elements are available for any type of page, so from that point of view, it's not about automatically getting a ranking boost just by using AMP.

We think AMP is a great technology, a great way to make really vast, really usable pages, so I would totally recommend people try it, but I wouldn't do it with the mentality of 'I'll implement AMP and then I'll get a ranking boost.' “automatic on Google and all my problems will disappear.”

You will have all the normal problems related to web search where you will have to create a really good website.”

AMP is just a way to present your content. It is not a quick fix for classification problems. AMP will also not help if your website has bad content.

John Mueller also talked about the bad content on his website. It doesn't matter if you format your content as AMP or not:

You can't work with bad content and put it into a different type of HTML format essentially and assume that suddenly this low quality content or bad content would be seen as more important by search engine algorithms. So, I think it’s important to set expectations there.”

You can see John Mueller's statement here:

You have to do different things to increase your rankings.

Google's ranking algorithm uses many different signals to rank web pages.